“Now Is The Time"

Looking for a new way to do more with less? Don’t try to re-invent the wheel! Join me in New Jersey on June 25th – 29th, and learn valuable tips from others who are in the same situation! IACREOT will hold its annual conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey in June. Plan on attending and hearing exceptional speakers share their knowledge of how they have overcome budget problems, legislative issues and staffing situations. This year’s agenda is full of educational seminars and opportunities to share your ideas with other local officials.
IACREOT Division Directors have worked hard to create meaningful, interesting educational seminars. Registrants can attend any seminar regardless of their division. If you feel like there’s a topic in another division that would pertain to you, go in, and participate. IACREOT needs all of us, and we need

IACREOT!   The New Jersey delegation is actively seeking fascinating, nationally known keynote  speakers to share their ideas and concepts with attendees. This is not just another conference, it’s THE conference to attend for the most educational hours, and valuable networking time with industry peers. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.
Globally active vendors will be in the IACREOT Trade Show anxiously waiting to talk to you and help you make decisions for the future of your office and your locality. These vendors do business in a multitude of counties, parishes and states. They come to IACREOT conferences so to demonstrate their products and ideas. This no-pressure opportunity to see the newest and greatest innovations is more than worth the price of registration and your travel.
We can’t afford to stay home and do business like it’s always been done. Now is the time to think outside the box. Now is the time to do something different. Now is the time to register for IACREOT’s 40th annual conference in Atlantic City, NJ. I hope to see you there!

Joan A. McCalmant

Mission Statement:
“IACREOT offers members opportunities to exchange ideas, elevate standards through education, develop efficient ways to serve the public and promote the ethics of public service, while developing contacts in furtherance of our profession.”


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IACREOT Semi-Annual Meeting
January 2012
* Location Pending *


JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2012