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The International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT) was founded in 1971 by a small group of government officials who wanted a professional organization which would provide a forum for the free exchange of information, resulting in improved standards for serving the public, and an organization which would speak with a unified voice on matters of importance to its members. Over the past 37 years, IACREOT has grown in both membership and purpose. Professionalism in public service, openness and good fellowship became goals of our organization.

Today, IACREOT is one the most successful, well-respected organizations in the United States, with over 1500 members, representing local, state, provincial, national and international associations and agencies. Our members are government officials whose responsibilities fall into one of our four divisions – finance, land records, courts and elections. Many of our members share responsibilities in more than one of our divisions and we list many titles in our membership: Supervisor of Elections, Recorder of Deeds, Clerk of Court, County Clerk, Administrator of Elections, County Treasurer, County Auditor, Tax Assessor-Collector, Commissioner, Director of Elections, Register of Deeds, Registrar of Voters, Circuit Clerk, Prothonotary and City Clerk, to name a few.

As an association, IACREOT is governed by its By-Laws, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. Our Executive Board consists of 10 elected and 10 appointed positions. The Executive Board meets three times annually – in the Fall, the Mid-Winter Meeting and at our Annual Conference, held each summer in a city chosen by our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors consists of an elected representative from each of our member states and our international representatives. At our Annual Meeting, all delegates participate in the business of the organization, elect officers, vote on by-law amendments and attend educational workshops and seminars, as well as general business sessions.

Much of the business of our organization is accomplished through the work of our various committees. Each committee has a Chair, and all members are welcome to participate on a committee of choice, thereby assisting in the formation of organization policy.

One of the highlights of our Annual Conference is our Trade Show, open for two full days, with a display of the latest technology available to government officials. Companies exhibiting in the past have included vendors from all over the United States and Canada, Japan, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.

In addition to our regularly scheduled seminars, IACREOT offers its members a program of graduate studies in cooperation with the University of Missouri, called the Chancellor’s Certificate in Public Administration. Members also receive Continuing Education Credits for attendance at the educational sessions.

IACREOT’s annual dues are $180.00 for membership; Conference registration fees range from $400.00 - $450.00 per delegate and include educational sessions, social activities, entry into the trade show and voting rights. Many of our members feel that our strongest attribute is our networking – the ability to contact a member of your peer group and discuss any problem or present a solution. This is one of the key roles of our organization.

Another role that our organization plays is providing up-to-date information on news that might affect the office operations of our various members and keeping our members informed of any new developments in their respective field. We accomplish this through a monthly eNewsletter, our interactive website, email messages, conference calls and special called meetings. We have recently contracted for a new website, which allows our members to enter a personal profile of themselves, which other members can view by means of a username and password. By posting calendar information, members have the ability to plan ahead for future events.

IACREOT monitors federal legislation that might affect our members in the performance of their respective duties, and if necessary, resolutions or letters are drafted to congress regarding the effect of pending legislation. This was particularly evident in the passage of the Help America Vote Act, as IACREOT has two members appointed to the Election Assistance Commission Board of Advisors. Many of our members serve as officers in their respective state associations, thereby impacting the legislative action on a local level.

IACREOT is a large organization, with many personalities. And yet, in many respects, we are like a family. We welcome new members, with new ideas – everyone counts in IACREOT – we invite you to join us and find out for yourself!


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